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Motivate your team, your partners and your customers
to reach goals with our technology.

What we do.

ThinkSmart has spent the last 18 years developing successful motivation plans for customers.

These programs are based on our technology platforms to help you motivate your salesforce, distribution network, customers and any team within your company. Using our system you can achieve what all businesses need:

  • Boost sales.
  • Improve KPI’s.
  • Improve communications.
  • Change team’s behavior.
What motivates people?

What motivates people?

Challenges and rewards.
That's the answer.

With our online platforms, Motivate4One and ThinkSmartOne, we can develop a fully customized motivational program, where you can set goals that address the specific challenges of your business, such as:

Improving sales - cross-selling - customer service
knowledge of products and services - sales training
quality - security awareness - proper use of your CRM
and other challenges.

It's very easy:

Set your goals, measure progress and reward users in real-time.

Whatever your challenge, we can help you solve it.

How many times have you heard that information is power? It is.

How many times have you heard that information is power? It is.

Using our reporting programs you can share valuable information with every member or department of your organization. Real-time reporting makes it easier to increase opportunities to change seller behavior while it is still worthwhile.

After all, notification after failing to reach a sales goal does nothing. Responding to these challenges in real-time helps a business grow. Our systems are designed to improve how you conduct your business at every level.

Thanks to our Motivate4One and ThinkSmartOne platforms, getting reporting projects implemented quickly and organized simply makes it easier to deliver important information to the user that can benefit the most; imagine real-time data at the right time to the right person. That’s a recipe for success!

Loyalty is based on turning each sale into the beginning of the next one.

Loyalty is based on turning each sale into the beginning of the next one.

Therefore, loyalty programs help you retain your customer and make them loyal to your products or services.

When a customer purchases a product or service, there are three possibliities:

  1. They buy the product or service again.
  2. They don't buy the product or service again.
  3. They buy it again, but from a different brand.

With our Loyalty programs, our goal is always option 1.

Thanks to our Motivate4One platform you can create a loyalty program for your customers quickly. This will not only keep them happy with your brand, your products, or services, but will also provide valuable information about your customers and their consumption habits.

We take care of everything


Consulting, development, maintenance, security.


Integration of several sources, automatic calculations, incentive rules design and budget control.


Catalog with + 15,000 rewards in more than 20 categories.


We deliver prizes in more than 25 countries.


Design and implement a complete online and offline communication plan.

User Support

Dedicated call center support to assist with managing your custom program.


In-house tools for designing solutions, online and offline communication plans.

Our experience

Our customers around the world are a testament to our experience.

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